Meet Seattle (Central) Owner: Erin Kelly

I have owned and managed Spilt Milk Nannies since 2012. I screen all of the sitters in my network by interviewing each nanny, checking several references and then performing a background check. At this point, I no longer advertise for nannies as my reputation is established enough to attract great people. The parents in my community trust my judgement to refer sitters to care for their children. I value getting to know my families and maintaining high standards for everyone in my network. I am always available to address any questions and concerns you might have.

On top of owning and managing SMN, I continue to nanny and volunteer. I have experience with many different family styles, all ages and multiples. The challenge of coming into a new home, gaining trust and forming quick connections has become second nature to me. I also assist other SMN branch owners in starting their businesses as well as searching for owners of future branches.

Erin moved from a small town of Long Beach, Washington up to Seattle to attend University of Washington. She got her degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences. She always enjoyed nannying and working through school and Spilt Milk was a perfect outlet for her busy mindset.

Wonderful service!

Yuko, parent
Seattle, WA September 2017
I have used spilt milk nannies since 2013. It is an amazing resource for busy working moms. Its online scheduling cannot be beat. I have used spilt milk 126 times (!!!!) and incredibly, every nanny has been on time and done a great job with my two exuberant kids. The owner, Erin Kelly, is amazing. I highly recommend spilt milk nannies!

Love the flexiblity!

Claudia, nanny
Seattle, WA October 2016
I absolutely love working at SMN! SMN has allowed me to maintain and manage my own schedule with the flexibility that is demanded by being in school. Not to mention I have met some of the nicest families and children who make me really look forward to going to work. It has been my favorite job to date and I couldn't be happier to be a part of this team!
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